11/7/2018 8:52:26 AM

Mavis group home at King and Adelaide in Mt Brydges has had their application for a zoning change approved, but there are some conditions that come along with that. The zoning bylaw is only a 2-year temporary zoning change that allows them to continue operating. After the 2 years are up, council will reassess the law and determine if the group home has met the standard that council will set. The temporary bylaw will allow for 15 people to reside in the home. Council is also debating whether or not they should create a regulatory and licensing body which would oversee group facilities in the municipality that aren't provincially regulated, like Mavis group home. Council vote 8-1 in favour of approving the bylaw, citing their desire to avoid potentially closing the home and forcing the residents out onto the street. Ward two Councilor Neil Flegel was the only holdout. During the discussion, Middlesex London Health Unit Public Health Inspector Andrew Powell provided information about the condition of the home

     Powell says that the health unit does 3 food safety inspections each year, and also inspects the general condition of the building and the residents inside.

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