10/11/2018 9:40:39 AM

With less than a week to go until pot is legalized, government employers and private businesses alike are being pressed into developing an effective policy on how to deal with marijuana impairment on and off the job.

One workplace that has implications on the public is emergency services like the Strathroy Police Service.

Police union reps have spoken out in defense of allowing officers to use pot when they are off the clock, while some police chiefs across the country have said that they would prefer if members didn't use marijuana at all

Chief Administrative Officer for Strathroy-Caradoc Greg McClinchey says that what people do legally on their own time is nobody's business, but they expect all municipal employees to perform their duties in a sober state-of-mind.


Municipal staff is currently designing a comprehensive formal policy regarding this issue, but there is a common sense understanding that you can't use marijuana in a way that would affect your duties as a police officer.

McClinchey adds that the has the utmost confidence in our local police service and all municipal employees to be responsible with legal marijuana in a way that won't affect the workplace.

Recreational marijuana becomes legal on October 17th.

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