10/10/2018 3:39:04 PM

October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day where organizations like the Canadian Mental Health Association remind everyone who's dealing with a mental illness that they aren't alone.

CMHA Middlesex CEO Beth Mitchell says that it's all about improving outreach.


The same day, Premier Doug Ford and Deputy Premier Christine Elliot made a joint statement promising a total of 3.8 billion dollars of Provincial and Federal money to be given to organizations like CMHA over the next 10 years.

Mitchell says that this commitment is one of the largest and most stabilizing investments made in many years, and is glad to see the Provincial government take this issue seriously.

Call 519-433-2023 for the CMHA crisis line, or 519-601-8055 for their support line. They also have online resources available at cmhamiddlesex.ca

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