9/13/2018 7:02:23 AM

    Things may get worse before they get better when it comes to the relationship between the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League and the Ontario Hockey Association. The Stratford Beacon Herald reported recently that some upset OHA teams are trying to put some pressure on, that may end up costing some OHA Board members their positions including the OHA President. The OHA received a memo dated September 4th, these teams that were unnamed, just referred to as concerned members asked for a special meeting to happen no later than September 15th with the intention to remove OHA Directors Tim Simmons, Gary Moroney, Jeff Beatty, Shawn McKelvie, and Brad Grant, also including President Karen Phibbs. Rockets General Manager Kent Coleman says the team is just ramping up for the season which starts Friday and the Rockets are not part of the "Concerned Members" group.

The report says it's believed the Ontario Junior Hockey League is leading this and are backed by 15 Junior B teams, according to a Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League source who did not want to be named. The Dispute within Ontario's Junior B league is also shown in the requisition, with a motion to separate the GOJHL into its own leagues or conferences to happen this season with one league housing 15 teams including the Strathroy Rockets. myFM will continue to follow this story and will feature a Rockets season preview Friday.

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