8/10/2018 10:59:07 AM

OPP would like to warn area residents of a trending scam following an attempt last week in which a Goderich resident was targeted for $10,000.

Fortunately, the 45-year-old man notified police before sending any money.

The sextortion scam, which is active throughout Canada on social media, has targeted thousands of individuals including many county residents.

The sextortion scam usually involves a male victim who accepts an unsolicited friend request on Facebook or another online social media platform. Typically the scammer asks the victim to communicate via video chat. Upon doing so, the scammer will ask the victim to engage in some sort of online sexual act or to send nude photos of themselves to the scammer.

The perpetrators then demand money from the victim, and if they fail to send money, they threaten to send the video or pictures to the victim's social media contacts or post them on YouTube.

OPP are reminding all residents to be extremely vigilant when meeting anyone over the internet. Remember to not accept friend requests or followers from unknown sources.

Once, you send photos and videos you lose control of them and they can be used against you. Protect yourself and think before you click or send a picture.

If someone starts demanding payment and threatening you regarding photos or videos, you should block them from all social media, screen shot messages they have sent you and contact police.

If you are a victim of the sextortion scam call police at 1-888-310-1122 or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center at 1-888-495-8501

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