8/9/2018 1:23:36 PM

The Coalition of Ontario Psychiatrists has called on the Doug Ford government to create incentives to attract and retain psychiatrists in our health care system.

Dr. Mathieu Dufour is the co-chair of the coalition, and president of the Ontario Psychiatric Association says that Ontario currently has a significant shortage of psychiatric specialists, particularly in rural areas.


Dr. Dufour says that part of this demand for psychiatrists is that based on the growing acknowledgment of mental health as a real issue and that stigma is being stripped down more often.

The statement released by the coalition called on the government to find ways to compensate psychiatrists more, which Dr. Dufour says is required if they hope to attract more students into the field that studies mental health.

He says that unfortunately, psychiatrists can make up to 4 times less money than doctors in other fields.

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