6/11/2018 8:00:10 AM

    As we wrap up the Provincial election, we are going to have another interesting 4 years to look forward to. One thing that we could be pretty sure of is that one of the big 3 parties were going to form government last week. Those parties being the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. They were certainly not the only parties that had candidates run for seats in Queen's Park. Here locally, we had 3 candidates that are not the traditional choice of many voters being the Trillium, Green and Libertario parties. Trillium Party Candidate Brian Everaert says that in his opinion, too many institutions like media sources and debate moderators dismiss his party.

    The Trillium Party had a similar platform as the PC's but their biggest difference was that they don't appoint party whips, which try to make sure that MPP's vote the way the party wants them to. Everaert did add that he wanted to thank myFM news for including him in election coverage of the event, and was glad to have a chance to get his message out and run in the provincial election.

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