5/16/2018 10:57:10 AM

    Strathroy-Caradoc Police say this positive ticketing crime prevention initiative, dubbed Operation Freeze are simply coupons for free Frosters given to Strathroy-Caradoc Police Officers to issue local youth seen engaging in good behavior. In addition to rewarding good behavior by youth, the initiative offers opportunities for police to interact with youth in a non-law-enforcement way. While some police officers will use the coupons to reward youth for things like wearing bicycle helmets, doing good deeds, participating in community activities, volunteerism, picking up trash, deterring crime or observing school crossing rules, others will use the coupons as icebreakers to establish a rapport with youth in their patrol area. Though the reasons for being "ticketed" may vary, the ticket (coupon) will serve as the gateway to making a connection and build trusting relationships with youth.

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