4/13/2018 7:45:23 AM

    Bullying, if you think its fun or a joke, then you're going down the wrong road. No matter where we look whether on the street on the playground and yes in our schools bullying is present and every day we are trying to put an end to it. That includes the teachers, staff and students of our local highschools as recently SDCI has been receiving a substantial bit of social media criticism to what is being said to be a lack of anti-bullying measures. We talked with Principal Dan Clarke at SDCI who says there's always two sides to every story.

    Clarke says the bottom line as far as bullying in the school is simple, there is a zero tolerance for it and Clarke says more often then not unfortunately by the time the school hears about incidents of events of bullying, they've already been going on for a period of time instead of being able to help in nipping the issue in the bud.

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