3/12/2018 8:25:16 AM

    The Ontario Government has passed a bill that will allow police to privatize and civilianize some aspects of their job. Bill 175 was passed with support from the Liberals and the NDP in the provincial legislature and allows certain duties to be either outsourced to private companies or done by non-uniformed officers. Those duties could be as simple as delivering documents to a court which until now is traditionally done by an officer. Strathroy-Caradoc Police Chief Mark Campbell says that no matter what, public safety won't be compromised in order to cut costs.

    Campbell adds that the point of this legislation is to help Police departments and municipalities find efficiencies in the work that they do. An example of that is times when police are called to protect an event from any possible criminal activities, which is basically saying they are security guards, a job which can be done by a private company instead. The Bill also gives police oversight bodies more power to hold police accountable, and makes it easier for police to suspend officers without pay if they come under investigation for any wrongdoing. Campbell adds that they are not currently looking at any ways that the municipality could utilize these new options available to them.

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