5/19/2017 7:05:10 AM

It's the second long weekend of spring, and that means we should expect to see an increase in motorcycles out on our roadways. OPP Constable Ed Sanchuk says that also means we need to use some extra caution as we hit the road.

The O-P-P say 10 out of the 28 motorcycle deaths reported last year were not to at fault. Likewise, Provincial Police say there was a total of 22 off road deaths in 2016, with13 of those being directly linked to alcohol and drugs. The OPP warn motorists they will have an increased presence on the roadway this long weekend and will be on the lookout for distracted, impaired and aggressive driving. They also plan on rolling out several RIDE checks.
Motorcycle Riders TIPS:

- Dress to be seen and protected. Most riders wear approved helmets, gloves and jackets; consider wearing bright colours that are easily seen by other motorists.

- Slow Down. Driving at or near the posted speed limit will give the rider extra time to react to a situation on the roadway.

- Drive Defensively. Assume other motorist don't see you. Get eye contact with vehicles that might pull out in front of you.

- Take it to the track. The street is no place to test the limits of your sport bike. Take a lesson at a local race track or sign up for a track day.

Passenger Vehicles TIPS:

- Look twice, at intersections and when changing lanes. Motorcycles are small and easy to lose in a blind spot. It is also easy to misjudge the speed of an approaching motorcycle.

- Back off. Having a rear end collision with a car is one thing, but having one with a motorcycle could have fatal consequences.

- Give them room. Leave yourself time to react when motorcycles are around. If a rider were to fall off, could you avoid the downed rider?

- Let them swerve. Motorcyclists will often be active in their own lane. Many times moving, to avoid pot holes or roadkill. Hitting any of these could cause an issue for the rider.    

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